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Tanie Hotan Dance is a dance entertainment company.  We are based in the Salem/Portland area and have been entertaining guests at private and corporate events since 2020. We offer easy to follow lessons in Bachata, Merengue, Latin, Hip Hop, Disco, Country Line and much more.   Each dance package is fully customizable based on your theme and needs.

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 Tanie Hotan Dance  is also physician lead Well-being company.   We encourage women to prioritize their self care.   Through RISE, Well-being through Yoga and Dance, women, overwhelmed and struggling to stay grounded,  suspend their worries and responsibilities for 3 hours and invest in refueling and self-reflection.  We move collectively.  We laugh whole-heartedly. We create bonds and re-enforce healing friendships.  This year, we are so grateful for the sponsorship from Santiam Hospital and Clinics, Marion Polk County Medical Society and Courthouse Athletic Club.  We will be hosting 4 amazing workshops at the beautiful West Courthouse facility, all free of charge for members.  Our next event is Sunday January 29, 2023.  We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated and be the first to register.  

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Before there was Tanie Hotan Dance, there was a 6 years old Vietnamese girl who dreamed of fulfilling 3 lifetime goals; to become a healing doctor, a great mom and an inspiring dancer....