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The Lift Project & RISE


Welcome to Tanie Hotan Dance's Wellbeing services.  Below are two services that are each uniquely splendid.  
LIFT is a 1 year subscription to an award-winning Well-being curriculum plus  an 11 week small group physician supported class.   It is designed to lift your moods and your life. It's fun, simple and combines scientifically proven strategies from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology.  It is recommended by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and lead by Dr. Tanie, a practicing board certified Family Physician.  This spring, the online 11 week course will require only about 1 hour of your time per week.  The course honors the 6 pillars of health:
* Emotional 
* Nutritional 
* Restorative 
* Movement 
* & Community health
* Reduction of substance use
There will be weekly challenges by choice, a small group community of friends and support and one in-person potluck celebration.  We encourage you to be intentional with your Well-being in 2023 and sign up for LIFT!!  Registration opens March 1st, 2023.  Limited Spots Available. 





RISE is a fun, in person, wellness workshop for women, pairing yoga, dance, community and a healthy meal.  Get ready to move soulfully, re-fuel and rediscover your beautiful inner Goddess.  The dance style changes every quarter and you're going to love Tanie's dance energy and Rhonda's grounding yoga.  

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