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Salem's Thrill The World 2021

Zombie Attack
Zombies Backstage
Zombies 2021

Thrill The World, Salem

Salem is Thrilling the World again!!!  In 2021, swarms of zombie dancers crawled to the downtown neighborhood of Salem, scaring hundreds of by-standards.   Dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", this classic, need-to-check-it-off your bucket list Halloween tradition is a must to watch and so much fun to join!!  

In 2022, expect a bigger crowd!!  Come learn the routine as Meg Hill will be teaching!  Saturdays 12:30PM starting this Saturday and through Oct. 22nd at the Pentacle Theatre, Salem, 197 Liberty Street, SE.

The Thrill the World event will be 3PM on Saturday, Oct. 29th downtown in front of Taproot Lounge & Cafe on 356 State St.  Please share with your friends!

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